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Our Stranght

The new vitality, brought by the Zangani family to the agricultural activity of the farm, enhances the ancient vocation of these lands, which enjoy an enviable microclimate typical of the hills and the proximity of the sea.
Using only and exclusively raw materials produced in the owned farms and scrupulously controlling the production chain, the Azienda Agricola Zangani offers typical products of excellent quality and safe genuineness, confirming the bond with the territory and a long agricultural tradition.

From the 19th century we transform our grapes into emotions

From the 19th century  we transform our grapes into emotions.

Azienda Agricola Zangani has reconstituted the prestigious agricultural estate of Mortedo, an ancient farm already administered by the Malaspina family and later purchased by Cav. Alberto Fabbricotti, a marble magnate in nearby Carrara, who wanted it strongly for the appreciated reputation of agricultural products, in particular wine and oil. Over the years, other farms have been added such as: the Luisito, the Boceda, the Montale, the Fontolo, the Piana, the Carbonin and others, all already traditionally suited to the production of oil from centuries-old olive trees with side-by-side cultivation. of screws.

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